International Summerschool

German (and) Theology

Grants: We are delighted to announce the support by Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) for the 2021 summer school! DAAD has agreed to award a limited number of scholarships to exceptional applicants covering the entire course fee, including accommodation (food is not included), and also travel expenses. In most, but unfortunately not in all cases the amount awarded by the DAAD will cover the entire cost of your journey using economy standard travel options. If you feel you may qualify for one of these grants, please send us your application including:

- a letter applying for the said grant stating your motivation and reason to attend our summer school
- a CV (including results of relevant examinations)
- German language certificates or test results

- English language certificates or test results in case English is not your native language

- any other documents or references you feel might support your application.
All successful applicants are going to receive a letter in March informing them that their course fee will be paid directly by the DAAD, and how they can claim their travel expenses.

As the number of DAAD grants is limited, we are also offering several grants of EUR 400 each for those who are otherwise unable to attend. If you feel this to be applicable to you, please send us a letter applying for the said grant, together with the documents mentioned above (ideally by e-mail). If you apply for a DAAD grant, please indicate whether you would like to be considered for our university’s grant in case your DAAD-application is not successful.

Registration and acceptance for the 2019 course is necessary in order to be able to apply for a grant or scholarship, so please register as soon as possible, even if you have not secured funding for your participation yet. We will not consider any grant applications by candidates who have not successfully registered through the zww-site beforehand. 

Deadline for all grant applications: 1st of April 2021.

Apply directly to (e-mail application preferred):

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Volp

Seminar für Kirchengeschichte und Territorialkirchengeschichte

Evangelisch-Theologische Fakultät

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

55099 Mainz

ph.: +49-6131-39-20253

fax: +49-6131-39-22603


Contact details for guest families:

Rachel Friedrich M.A.

ph.: +49-6131-39-20253

fax: +49-6131-39-22603